About me

My name is René Dissel and welcome to this blog.
This is a place for me to collect a record of all the fantastic places I’ve seen so far.

Me, Indonesia

Me, Indonesia


The journey so far:

2004-08 1 month in Thailand.
2006-04 1 month in Mexico.
2007-11 1 month in Malaysia.
2009-04 2 months in Equador and a few weeks in Peru.
I traveled from Quito (Ecuador) to Lima (Peru).
2010-10 8 months in South America.
I traveled from Peru to Bolivia, Chili (3x), Argentina(4x) and Brazil.
2011-01 12 days in Antarctica.
2011-05 3 months in New Zealand.
2011-07 3 months in Indonesia.
2011-10 1 month in China.
2011-11 3 1/2 weeks in Mongolia.
2011-11 2 weeks in Rusia.

During these months of traveling I have met lots of interesting people and seen the most extraordinary things and places.
This site is my way of saying thanks to all those people and places!

If you have questions about me, my photos or the places I visited feel free to email me at rene@renedissel.com

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