Bali – Indonesia

Ah… Back at my sisters place in Bali….

Problem is that it’s really quiet here. A bit too quiet …

My sister is in India so I’m a bit bored here. I booked the plane ticket for China and started to check the internet for ways of travel back to Europe. The best way I’ve come up with so far is by the Trans-Mongolia express train. This train runs from Beijing to Moscow in 7 days.

After getting a good idea of what’s ahead of me (no, I’m not going to tell everything already 😉 ) I got a bit bored… Imagine that, sitting on a beautiful island and being bored.

And there is only one thing to do about it! Look for something fun to do! So I grabbed some clothes and my scooter and headed out. I had heard there is a great wreck to dive here in Bali at the North East side of Bali in a place called “Tulamben”. Here lies the wreck of the US Liberty, a US Army Transport ship torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in 1942.

The wreck lies in shallow water and is considered appropriate for divers of all certification levels. The ship rests in 30 meters of water, is roughly 25 meters from shore and can be reached with a short swim from the beach. The highest point of the wreck tops out about 5 meters from the surface. The ship was torpedoed by the Japanese off the nearby Island of Lombok and the ship was towed to the beach at Tulamben for salvage operations. The 1963 eruption of Mt. Agung, which devastated much of the eastern side of Bali, drove the ship into the water just off shore, where it became encrusted with coral and a home to other sea life.

The ship is broken in two parts and I love to dive wrecks so after a long drive over a really beautiful coast road and past rice fields I stayed at Concepts Diving for 100.000 RPi a night.

The next day I did a dive at the wreck and it was fantastic. We made every swim trough we could  and it really tested my diving skills. There are allot of big fish to see there and there is even a large school of fish right above the wreck to admire when you’re done with the all the swim trough’s.

[youtube XjUbRd8A75c]

After the dive I got back on the scooter and continued my travel to Ubud. This is probably one of the most touristy part of Bali aside from Kuta so I wasn’t really too excited to stay there but the rain made me consider otherwise 🙄

I actually liked Ubud. They had some great restaurants there but I didn’t really feel to check out the “famous” monkey forest (they look nasty, haha). So I got back on the bike and drove through some great scenery. I stopped at a couple of temples and pretty much enjoyed Bali.

Back at my sisters place I welcomed here home of course 😛 and got ready for China!

My sister took me to the airport and I waved here goodbye! I really had a great time here in Indonesia with my sister. I’m sure going to miss that.

China, here I come!