Singapore – Singapore

Ahh.. Singapore….Home of….. Well i actually don’t know…. 😕

So I needed to get out of Indonesia because my visa was expired. When you arrive there you pay 25 US dollar to get a 30 days tourist visa and you can extend this for an extra 30 days at the airport on your own or go to many of the “tourist Visa agencies”. They will do the work for you if you want. If you do it by yourself you may have to go back as much as 3 times. First to get all the paperwork done, second to bring your passport and third to get your extended passport back. Sometimes you it may take just 2 trips but it all depends on the mood of the person that helps you. Some advice: just be firm. For some reason it helps if you tell them that you don’t want to come back again to bring the passport, you want to do it all now!

The little offices you find in Kuta do the exact same thing but they can cost a bit of money. Some can even arrange your passport to “leave the country” and come back for a Visa refresh but you never heard that from me 😉

Anyway, I got a plane ticket to Singapore to just relax there for a couple of days and even get a visa for China. I’m really into planning my way back to Europe and the Trans-Mongolia Express looks like a fun way to travel through China, Mongolia and Russia. I never really thought about what Singapore is like so it surprised me allot. I booked a small hostel (the Mitraa) in Little India and the best way to move around (and cheapest ) is by subway (or MRT as they call it). When I got off the plane I was pretty shocked about the clean, extremely multicultural and very modern city that I was entering. Everyone (and I mean everyone) in the MRT was working on their smartphones and iPads. The whole subway system was clean as a whistle and within an hour I was close to my hostel. The people there where really friendly and relaxed so I instantly started to really like this city.

I got my visa prepared and needed to wait for 4 days so I started to explore the city. I got the MRT to the city centre and when I got out I was amazed…. “Is that a ship atop those 3 skyscrapers???” Why, yes it is….. Just when I thought I had seen allot this thing pops up in the distance. Only one thing on my mind from then… “How do I get up there?” 😎

I got up there and got a nice draft beer (Hooggarden) which costs me about 15 euro’s but I didn’t care. I was on a ship with was built on top of 3 skyscrapers! Cheers!!

I had allot of fun in those 4 days. I explored Chinatown and Little India. I discussed politics, skin-color and culture differences with Indians. They are a really funny people and the hostel was full of them. All do I was amazed about how much racism they have among their own people (racism as in judging, not hating). They were also preparing for the Formula1 competition that was starting the weekend after I left. The entire centre was being reconstructed for the race. Enormous fences, lights and podiums where setup across the city centre.

All in all I really underestimated Singapore. It’s a fun city ( all do a bit expensive) were you easily can spend a week.

After 4 days I picked up my China visa and now I’m heading back to Indonesia. I’m going to fly to Java and make my way back to Bali from there to see this part of Indonesia before I fly all the way to China.

Like a famous drunk said: “Keep walking!”